Cotton buds application in our daily

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Cotton Swabs Applications in our daily life

As we know , cotton wool sticks is very helpful for us .It's had a various kinds of purpose in our life .Wuhan Xirui Technology Co.,LTD will introduce you some others uses in our daily time .

The cotton applicators not only can be applied for medical industry ,such as wipe the wound in hospital ,experiment used in laboratory ,but also can be used for daily used.

If you became a parent ,you must be learn that it is very convenience for you to care your baby ,as our pictures show,wipe the dust from belly button ,scrub the dirty for earflap ,brush away your baby's armpit ,and clean your baby's thighs and buns .It's very funny !

Yes,it is a cosmetics to the person who is very interested in makeup ,apply lip gross that make us save the lipstick ,remove the eye shadow ,and complementary color on our hair root .

That's true ,it is can be wipe the keyboard very clean ,brush away the dirty for machine in the finedraw place .

Could you find others usage for the cotton buds ?Let me think ,i will wirting to you next time for the appling !